How to make your school uniform cuter


~Hair accessories~

•Hair clips•Headbands•Pins•



~Make up~

•Blush•Lip Gloss•Mascara•



•Tuck in your shirt•(trust me)


•Where thin tights•(if aloud)


•Doc Martens•Air Forces•



•Plaited pigtails•Bubble braids•High pony•Dutch/French plaits•

~Half up Half down~

•Clipped up•Twists•Space buns*•*half up


•Small plaits•Wavy•

☾︎❤︎Or just have it natural❤︎☽︎

Tips and Tricks for School

Credits: me

Today I’m going to be giving some tips and tricks for school (mainly secondary).

~❤︎Tip 1: Smell nice❤︎~

Have your own unique scent this is important because you don’t wanna go into school smelly.

~❤︎Tip 2: Focus on homework❤︎~

I say this meaning don’t spend all your time doing homework but do it the same day you get it therefore you have time to spend with your friends over the weekend.

~❤︎Tip 3: Have a workspace❤︎~

You don’t have to have a workspace but it can come in handy and if you do keep it clean, tidy and organized.

That’s all for now so bye💖

First post (actual) 🤗

Hi I’m Tallulah (as it says) and this is my first post I’ve done blogs before and gave up so I hope this one will go well I will be posting when I feel up to it that’s all for now bye (also I need a name on what to call you guys) 𓆩🤗𓆪